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             Hand washing of fine area rugs


    An Oriental rug is like artwork in your home, providing color, warmth and focal point in a room. Your beautiful Oriental rugs require special care and cleaning to maintain their beauty, originality, quality and worth.

Delicate Rug Care is one of the top providers in oriental rug cleaning, helping rug owners maintain the beauty and structural integrity of their rugs.

While many options exist for oriental rug cleaning in Phoenix area. Delicate Rug Care goes to great lengths to ensure that your rugs are cleaned and repaired to the highest industry standards, using gentle cleaning products that ensure colorfast while effectively removing stains, grime and more that cause rugs to look dull, faded and worn.

Delicate Rug Care's 6 step cleaning process begins with removing sand and grit from the rug's pile that regular vacuuming leaves behind. We ensure the rug's colorfastness before hand cleaning in cold water and mild shampoo bath that both removes dirt and restores colors.

Prolonged, deep immersion in continuously flowing water and specially formulated mild neutral detergents suitable for that particular type of rug to loosen the deeply embedded and compacted soil and debris.

The speacail detegents we use for synthetically dyed wool rug can not be used for vegetable dyed rug or a silk and wool rug or an herbal tea washed rug. That is why washing a rug at home is discouraged because it may damage or completely ruin a rug.

Proper drying or your rug is key to ensuring it is free from musty or mildew odors. Delicate Rug Care removes 90% of the water using a centrifuge rug wringer, then the rugs are hung (or laid flat depending on the rug) and large fans dry your rug quickly and completely.

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